These Protein-Rich Foods Satisfy a Need for Balanced Health and Flavor

 - Apr 8, 2015
Eating a variety of protein-rich foods is key to a healthy diet, but many consumers still struggle to build well-balanced meals. It doesn't help that some of the most widely recognized sources of protein also tend to be expensive as well as high in fat and calories, so consumers are seeking lighter alternatives that are loaded with more overall benefits. Rather than relying on filling animal products and by-products as sources of protein, brands are offering snacks powered by nuts, seeds, grains, vegetables and other meatless ingredients.

Although many of these products put an emphasis on being enriched with protein, this isn't exactly appetizing—as such, snack bars, chips, yogurt and trail mixes are turned into treats that tempt with familiar forms and interesting flavors to aid in satiety, weight management and building muscle.