From Health-Conscious Cocktail Recipes to Bloody Energy Drinks

 - Sep 9, 2014
These healthy protein drinks range from fruit-infused smoothies to health-conscious cocktails that make even indulgent moments a little more responsible.

Love your body and ensure you're getting your daily vitamin intake with these healthy protein drinks. Memorable products and recipes from this list include salvaged smoothies from UK-based company Rejuice as well as the fun and vitamin-filled Zombie Blood beverage from Harcos Labs.

Rejuice's products are not only protein-rich but are also made from re-directed surplus produce. The company aims to salvage produce that would otherwise go to waste, using this food supply to create their healthy smoothies. While Rejuice's approach is more socially conscious, Harcos Labs' is more pop culture themed.

The company creates a Zombie Blood beverage that is cleverly packaged in a plastic blood bag. Though seeming like a novelty at first glance, this energy drink is rich in proteins and electrolytes.