From Geometric Avenger Art to Textile Cities

 - Mar 12, 2012
From a geometric-inspired Batmobile to a pixelated Angelina Jolie, these prismatic polygonal portraits exemplify the artistic potential behind math and structure. It's nice to witness something as definite as mathematical equations used to inspire artistic deviations through the manipulation of degrees and dimensions in order to produce something entirely distinct from any previous combination.

It's charming how geometry is a branch of math that is concerned with the relationship between points, lines and angles and it is precisely that relationship that allows for infinite possibilities for modifications and alterations -- from designs for new modern houses to polygonal renditions of popular sci-fi characters.

Triangles, squares and rhombus; there are no prejudices here. Whether it's a portrait of a surrealist landscape or a psychedelic collage, these ambitious concepts are accurately calculated and beautifully executed.