From Safari Printed Leggings to Spine-Chilling Spider Tights

 - Jan 16, 2013
Though leggings were once scoffed at as being a thing of the past, the last few years have seen the emergence of more and more printed designs.

Today, leggings, tights and the like have been making a comeback in a huge way. Though plain black or muted color tights are still a classic and chic look that will never go away, leggings have been amplifying their chic status as there are a slew of different patterns and bright and bold colors to choose from. Of particular mention are the Black Milk Design printed leggings, which come in a plethora of prints including Star Wars themed tights and even anatomically correct tights. These stylish accessories can travel with you from day to night and are the perfect winterized apparel to have either for layering or worn on its own.