- Jan 21, 2010   Updated: Jul 25 2011
Dinosaurs and cavemen rule in this cluster of 57 Prehistoric Finds. This cluster is loaded with dinosaurs and the cavemen who loved them.

If dinosaurs and cavemen aren't your thing, then you suck. Just kidding. These 57 Prehistoric Finds are sure to change the way you feel about these Flinstone era-inspired innovations. Hurray.

Implications - And there's literally something for everyone in this collection of prehistoric finds. If you're a fan of neanderthals, then you're going to enjoy the cavemen advertising that's putting Geico on the map. Then there are people out there that are trying to bring dinosaurs back to life through animations and even genetic engineering. It'll be like Jurassic Park, but less safe.

From MP3 Fossils to Dinosaur Poultry: