The Homo Sapien Multi-Purpose Rock

 - May 18, 2009   Updated: Apr 4 2011
References: thegreenhead
The Homo Sapien Multi-Purpose Kitchen Tool let you tap into your inner cavemen / cavewomen instincts. This simple rock can be used to crunch garlic, sharpen knives, tenderize meat, crack shelled nuts, etc.

The modern day Stone Age-inspired tool can be purchased for $43, and can be used as a multi-purpose utensil in your kitchen.

Implications - As more consumers have returned to the kitchen due to the credit crunch and its impact on dining out, they are increasingly looking for innovative kitchen utensils that reflect their interests and sense of humor. Brand-new utensils inspired by bygone eras, such as the Stone Age and Bronze Age, are functional novelty products that achieve this perfectly.