From Skeletal Lighting to Cranium Drinkware

 - Nov 13, 2012
You don't have to have a morbid personality to love these bone home decor designs that add an afterlife-esque touch to any space.

The list of items here that are inspired by bones or imitate the shape of a skull allow an edgy and organic feeling to seep into everyday living. You can light the room with a skull-shaped lamp or sit in a chair that is ergonomically skeleton-shaped without ever feeling spooked out. Gone are the days when skeletons appeared only around Halloween, as we have become more accustomed to seeing the familiar makings of them in fashion, the food industry and, as seen here, home decor.

Whether it's a simple touch like a collection of glasses or a complete set of furniture, incorporating some bone decor into your home will not longer leave you in fear of being mistaken for a witch or warlock.