Ama Darko Williams's 3rd Leg Stool is Made Out of Butcher Shop Garbage

After rifling through the garbage of a butcher shop, Ama Darko Williams, a 24-year-old masters student in the Innovation Design Engineering program at the Royal College of Art in London, England, has created a distinctive seat dubbed 3rd Leg Stool. Made out of cow bones, it is utterly original and slightly disturbing. Nonetheless, the seats are incredibly captivating and beneficially sustainable.

Comprised of three separate bones, the 3rd Leg Stool may look fragile despite the additional industrial metal pieces that connect them together, but it is capable of carrying up to 220 pounds. Although the details behind the creation of the 3rd Leg Stool remain undisclosed, the designer writes, "3rd leg emerged out of a lot of boiling, burning, blood, rotting and fat."