From Yoga Seating to Breath-Controlled Furniture

 - Jan 16, 2014
These flexible furniture pieces help the body do what it is meant to do—avoid being stationary for too long and move. A good portion of your day is probably spent sitting during activities like the commute to work, working at a desk, eating meals or watching a favorite show on TV. And what’s worse is if you have a poorly-designed piece of furniture that doesn’t take ergonomics into consideration.

These pieces of furniture take inspiration from yoga poses and equipment, introducing more comfortable ways to sit, move and breathe with ease at home or the office. If you’d like to swap out your uncomfortable office chair for a balance ball, but feel you’re not quite ready, The Fitness Ball Chair is one that is like the best of both furniture pieces, with a frame that adds wheels and a backrest to balance balls. The Sukhasana is another fitness-focused office chair, that is specifically designed to make sitting in lotus pose not only possible, but comfortable.