Playskool's Kota the Triceratops

 - Nov 22, 2008
References: hasbro & ifitshipitshere.blogspot
Last year's robotic toy dinosaur Pleo was a big hit. This year, Hasbro's Playskool ran with the idea and came up with Kota the Triceratops. This toy is large enough for young children to ride on. But before parents gasp at the thought of kids rampaging through living rooms, Kota is actually stationary. The seat is spring-loaded, however, and a hidden handle will let the children safely bounce on the dinosaur as much as they like.

Although the animatronic dinosaur is stationary, its horns, eyes, mouth, head, and tail all move. It also roars and makes all kinds of stomping sounds. The toy is equipped with sensors in 11 places which react to touch. Touching its nose will get Kota sniffing your hand. Kids can also have fun finding its ticklish spot.

As the kid testers in the video show, they love "feeding" the dinosaur its leafy snack and aren't too disappointed that Kota doesn’t move in the way they would really like it to move.