- Sep 24, 2013
Post-apocalyptic costumes are going to be a hit this Halloween. This year so many shows, movies, games and fashion have been swarming the media all surrounding the terrifying apocalypse idea. From Walking Dead-inspired makeup tutorials to vampire-inspired accessories, everything is about doomsday.

In most post-apocalyptic fashion, you'll see items like chains, bags, full-length desert coats, helmets, combat boots, goggles and insane monster-fighting weapons. This list will inspire you to upgrade your costume designs for Halloween 2013. Take zombies and vampires to the next level and create post apocalyptic costumes that shock and amaze. There are DIY video tutorials that will help you get just the right look, so when you turn your head, you'll give everyone a great scare.

Get creative this Halloween and these post apocalyptic costume ideas will be just the doom-spiration you need.

From Cosmetic Corpse DIY Looks to Elephantine Gas Masks: