From BBQ Messenger Bags to Futuristic Film Stoves

These outdoor portable grill products will make packing for travel trips easy and fun. Featured are a variety of barbecue machines that range from tiny sizes to pick-up trucks, all readily available for use at the hungry man's will.

The manufacturers of these machines have also experimented with design. For example, the comedic Lil'Pig and Longhorn Steer grills stay true to their name allowing one to grill their meat atop an animal-shaped plate. Technological advancements in outdoor portable grill manufacturing has also lead to concepts such as the Omnia Cooking Concept, which is an all-in-one portable cooking device inspired by the 'TRON: Legacy' film. Its system uses wireless electricity and is designed by Curve Creative.

These products and their growth will provide great assistance to all types of travelers from commercial campers to backpacking extremists.