The Miele 'Cook Together' Stove Encourages Friendly Food Prep

 - Jun 10, 2011
References: & designbuzz
There's a lot to love about food, but the social experience of eating is in part what makes it so enjoyable. Recognizing this, the creative mind behind the Miele 'Cook Together' Stove aims to extend one's mealtime social circle so that it might include the neighbors.

The way that Glen Forde designed this barbecue was to include three distinctive but conjoined heated surfaces to be used by three groups with up to 12 people. The tripartite solution places all element controls within the core of the appliance, as well as any pots, pans and utensils one may require for the preparation of grilled food. This particular contraption is ideal for condominium terraces, rooftop patios and all communal outdoor spaces which may encourage different groups of people to use the Miele 'Cook Together' Stove together.