The Flexible Chef^4 Caters to Any Style of Food Preparation

 - Jan 11, 2012
References: coroflot & designbuzz
Buying that 14-piece pot set may seem like a great idea, but for the benefit of the consumer, the market could use more items like the Chef^4 Baking System. This single set of adaptable cooking containers enables you to prepare more meals than half of your saucepan cupboard can boast collectively.

Sarah R. L. Johnson has achieved this by first designing a versatile oven-safe baking dish. The deep flat bowl with flanking handles is itself ideal for anything from casseroles to cookies. On top of this, a range of removable grilling trays can be attached for pizzas, meats and even the steaming of vegetables. A single silicone cover pops out and in to produce a larger or smaller airtight cover over the food inside. This way, the Chef^4 Baking System can effect the moistness of your meal.