From Giant Luggage Pop-Up Shops to Boy Band Pop-Up Shops

 - Oct 24, 2013
Businesses are opting to sell merchandise to consumers using pop-up shops. The shift to using mobile stores is large in part to reaching a larger audience while also creating a sense of urgency. If consumers know a certain store will only be available in their area for a limited time, they're more inclined to check it out.

Unusual pop-up shops are even more interesting, as they're ones that definitely won't come around again. These shops, if anything, will spark people's curiosity to take a peek. For example, if you have a tween living in your home, chances are they begged you to take them to them One Direction pop-up shop that sold their must-have merchandise.

Further, if you're a fan of unique and custom-made shirts, the YrStore gave people the power to digitally create a shirt and have it printed right there for them.

To create a fun shopping experience for children, the Stella McCartney Kids pop-up shops sold their clothes on adorable cardboard creatures.