- Aug 9, 2011
The rise of blogging has introduced some hilarious, informative, awkward and straight up silly websites to cyberspace. Of these sites, photoblogs are a distinct breed that require little more than a snapshot and maybe a funny caption to tell incredible stories and prove that a picture really is worth a thousand words.

From peeing hipsters to depressed animals, funny facial hair and hugging celebrities, there is a photoblog for people from all walks of life who are entertained by documentation of things that make the ordinary extraordinary. If you're a lover of irony, hilarity and people watching, the Internet is filled with hours of entertaining photoblogs for your enjoyment.

Implications - As society becomes increasingly web dependent for both entertainment and information, the only measure of a web product's success is its ability to go viral. Corporations can capitalize on websites and videos with this ability and potential through advertising and word of mouth, a process now being referred to as social media marketing.

These Sites Bring the LOLs with Erect Dogs and Armed Infants,: