From Inky Evading Tats to Mrs. Pac-Man-Approved Fashion

 - Sep 7, 2009   Updated: Jun 3 2011
Pac-Man is an institution within the gaming universe. Nearly everyone raised in the post arcade world grew up knowing and loving the 1980s classic. From Inky-evading tats to Mrs. Pac-Man approved fashion, this cluster showcases the homage paid to, and the inspiration drawn from, the glutenous gamer favorite.

Extra life award to the first person to name the other 3 ghosts: no Googling!

Implications - If you are a fan of the Pac-Man ghosts, there are plenty of those featured within these articles too! You can find them chasing Pac-Man on belts and home furnishings such as decorative pillows. If you have a love for this iconic game there is surely a Pac-Man item out there perfectly appropriate for you.