From Terrorist Hot Sauce to Political Puppets

 - Mar 26, 2010   Updated: Apr 1 2011
Remember that time when Osama bin Laden was the most hated man in the world? In order to make sure sure that no one forgets that he is hiding somewhere, I've created this cluster of Osama bin Laden finds. From terrorist hot sauce to political puppets, this is one place in the world where you will find bin Laden.

Implications - Osama bin Laden is a subject of much controversy, debate and speculation. For many, Osama bin Laden is considered the villain of this era; however, for others, this presumed terrorist has become a large part of pop culture. Thus, an array of humorous, satirical takes on Osama bin Laden's personality have been released, proving that in today's society, no joke can go too far.