From Cut Out Monokinis to 30s Throwback Swimsuits

 - Jan 24, 2013
Bikinis might be the most talked about, but one piece swimwear still has a place in beach fashion.

One piece swimwear often offers a lot more coverage than bikinis and provide a larger canvas for pretty designs. Covering the midsection is a must for some self conscious women, while others simply like the more flowing look of one piece swimwear.

Here we see several monokinis, where are essentially one piece swimsuits with the sides cut out. This creates a curving visual effect, giving the wearer a more feminine shape.

One piece swimsuits were popular in the 1930s because beach wear was much more conservative back then. However, the style has maintained a presence over the years.

There are countless design options for one piece swimsuits including Bohemian floral prints as seen here.