New York Public Library's Archive Stockpiles Vintage Bathing Suits

 - Sep 21, 2012
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Teenangster's 'Swimsuits, Past and Future' post reveals the value and critical importance of the New York Public Library's Archive. The online tools allow users to search through historical records based on key words, pulling up telling information on the subjects of fashion, film and of course, culture.

Full bodied bathing suits and long frilly pants suits were indispensable to late 1930s poolside apparel. A dainty breed of modesty shines through the black and white images, most of which are set against fountains, runways and rocky waterfronts.

Swimsuit styles have certainly evolved in almost every sense imaginable. The allure of covered up pieces no longer takes hold in the designer realm as brands have shifted toward a near infatuation with scanty attire.