From Retro-Inspired Beachwear to Almost-Bikini Suits

 - Jun 6, 2012
The old adage of "less is more" has never been more wrong than now, with wild one-piece swimsuits reclaiming the world of haute beachwear. With half-nudity seen everywhere from music videos to print ads, the average sun-bathing fashionista decides to zig when others zag by opting for a full-piece, solo swim garment.

From high-waisted, adorably printed retro-inspired one piece suits to the almost-a-bikini-but-not-really swimwear piece with its sides cut out, the options are endless for the modern beach babe. For the formal femme, perhaps a modest swimsuit with tuxedo tails is up your alley? For the pop culture junkie, check out the Jaws vs. Little Mermaid suit -- warning: it may shock you, but it sure is a conversation piece.

Though I fully endorse this body-conscious fad, one can't help but wonder what the tan lines will look like.