'Sailor Girl' by Jose Ferreira Challenges the Pin-Thin Model Paradigm

'Sailor Girl' by Jose Ferreira is a breath of fresh air right on time for Memorial Day festivities. The super-curvaceous model rocks a one-piece swimsuit while lounging on a boat, and I can't imagine a hotter way to ring in summer.

Challenging the pin-thin model paradigm we've seen so much of lately, 'Sailor Girl' by Jose Ferreira offers bootylicious girls a swimwear shoot to aspire to. See the full smokin' shoot above.

Implications - **No more "with that being said." It's just filler. :)

With that being said, this kind of challenge to the typical pin-thin model stereotype is certainly a positive step that the fashion industry is taking to combat eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. I love Jose Ferreira's work on this Sailor Girl shoot!