From Children's Footwear Charities to English Lit Tees

 - Jun 29, 2011
While the most popular of all one-for-one giving business models is most likely TOMS Shoes, and now, TOMS Eyewear, many other businesses and social enterprises actually follow a similar template. It's simple enough: to donate one product for every product sold.

While there has been contention as to whether material donations do more harm than good when it comes to involving one's business in less-industrialized countries -- not to mention the fact that the model is still one based on consumption -- the extent to which a one-for-one giving model is now a popular term for consumers is not to be ignored. Perhaps, then, it's the mere simplicity of the equation that has attracted so many participants to the "movement," if you will.

This list of one-for-one giving examples explores a variety of businesses that make it its mission to engage in giving.