From Modular Refuse Robots to Educational Menstrual Cycle Games

 - Oct 29, 2016
As the October 2016 education trends reveal, there are many different ways that children are learning new skills and foundational knowledge.

One of the most popular ways that children are learning new concepts is via STEM-oriented toys. These toys helps children as young as toddlers learn concepts such as programming and coding to help them foster the skills needed for future careers in STEM fields. Some of these toys include VR puzzle boxes, hackable toy kits and modular refuse robots.

Beyond toys, the October 2016 education trends also highlight a number of other innovative skill-teaching tools. For instance, a board game called The Period Game is being used as a fun and interactive tool to teach kids about the menstrual cycle. Another example is a project launched by Vince Staples and the denim brand Levis to teach people how to write and mix their own songs.