Babbel's 'Speak Spanish Like El Patron' Teaches with 'Narcos'

 - Sep 8, 2016
References: apps.babbel & thenextweb
Babbel, a language-teaching company, is taking advantage of the popularity of one of Netflix's flagship series to help teach people Spanish.

With the baritone growl of 'Narcos' kingpin Pablo Escobar on millions of viewers' ears, the primarily Spanish-language series might be driving people to pick up some Spanish on their own accord. But rather than going to any language site, fans of 'Narcos' can use Babbel to learn some of the common phrases directly in the series.

Considering that Narcos is about the rise of the Colombian drug cartels in the 80s, most of the phrases in Babbel's lesson have a sinister undertone. "Me gano la vida haciendo negocios," for instance, means "I make a living doing business," while "Usted como sabe mi nombre?" means "how do you know my name?" Potentially harmless, one can imagine these phrases' criminal connotations.