The College of New Jersey Environmental Club is Education-Focused

Looking to shed light on the lifestyle of the average student, The College of New Jersey Environmental Club helps to educate members and the community on their carbon footprint. With the state of the planet an important issue for students to discuss, the club supports talks about garbage on campus, recycling programs run by the school and much more.

The club recently started a new initiative entitled Veg Life, which looks to help educate the student body on how reducing one's consumption of animal products can have positive benefits for the planet. The group hopes the initiative will soon become a club of its own.

Speaking on the Environmental Club of The College of New Jersey, president Elizabeth Eisenhauer said, "I think that (the environment is) something that is very important throughout your entire life because it affects every corner of your life. I think that it is something that can often be forgotten when you’re distracted by the social life of campus and everything else, (it) can be difficult (to be environmentally conscious)."