From Kitty Meme Pendants to Feline Meme Desserts

 - Jul 25, 2012
Viral videos often bring about cult-like followings and these Nyan Cat Creations are proof of the adorable kitty's staying power.

The pop tart cat hybrid first hypnotized audiences in early 2011 with its adorable rainbow trail and Japanese theme song. The video was so popular that it ranked number five among YouTube's most watched videos of 2011.

The viral video inspired a vast amount of creations with its strangely addictive appeal. For instance, one can sport the animate feline as a pendant so that allegiance to this meme is worn near your heart. Munching on Nyan Cat is also entirely possible with food creations that feature the lovable kitty in an edible version.

From 'Toe Meme Makeovers' to 'Hairy Feline Accessories' will Nyan Cat will continue to prance its way into our hearts.