The Millennyan Falcon T-Shirt Combines Nyan Cat with Star Wars

 - Aug 10, 2011
References: redbubble & fashionablygeek
This Millennyan Falcon t-shirt design illustrates what's been on many people's minds for the longest time, but just never bothered saying: Nyan Cat and the Millennium Falcon are one in the same. Okay, so maybe that's not what the shirt is saying, but both things are pop culture staples that hurl through space at breakneck speeds while leaving a dazzling trail of awesomeness behind them. Coincidence?

The Millennyan Falcon t-shirt is designed by buzatron, a RedBubble user, and his combination geek-reference tee is sure to be a hit with anyone with a laptop and access to YouTube.

Implications - Consumers appreciate pop culture crossover products because they while simultaneously reinvigorating consumer interest in the two references involved. Corporations looking to generate media buzz may similarly consider high profile collaborations with companies in and outside of their industry.