Just in Case You Didn't Know the NFL Playoffs Were Going On

 - Jan 18, 2010
The NFL Playoffs draw the citizens of the United States to a TV like moths to a flame. Doesn’t matter if your team is playing or not, if you are in America during the month of January, you are watching the commercial-crammed, steroid-injected pigskin pleasurefest that is the NFL Playoffs. No ifs ands or buts, my fair weather fan of a friend.

Even though I am more of a college basketball guy (go wildcats), I am watching to see Brett Favre’s tired self try to guide the Vikings to the Superbowl. That man is seriously like a Greek god… except a little older.

Anyway, check out the 38 ‘Favrelous’ football features to get you even more excited for NFL Playoffs than any normal person should be.