From Glowing Anime Night Lights to Luminous Vigilante Lights

 - Jun 1, 2013
Going to bed comfortably at night can often take a little time, and if you're looking for a quirky source of illumination that will keep you feeling safe and secure, then these nerdy night lights will certainly do the trick.

While night lights are the types of lighting solutions often associated with keeping little children comfortable in bed, these nerdy designs feature all sorts of gamer and Sci-Fi references that only adults would appreciate. From illuminators adorably shaped like iconic Super Mario characters to those that showcase comic superheros, these nerdy night lights will have both children and adults clamouring to get their hands on these geeky lights.

If you feel like your room needs a quirky feature or two to reflect your passion for such things as comics and games, then these nerdy illuminators will have you keeping the lights on all night long.