Melodious Finds to Make your Musician Happy this Holiday

 - Dec 12, 2010   Updated: May 24 2011
Almost everyone has a music maniac in their life. Whether yours is a rockstar, hip-hop head or just general fanatic of all things musical, they're guaranteed to love at least one of the following music maniac finds.

From $550,000 speakers to geektastic gamer guitars, these gifts for the music maniac will ensure that you hear more than just carols this Christmas season.

Implications - One of the industries that's changed greatly over time is music. The business has gone almost completely digital thanks to MP3s, iPads and other apps that bring music to the home conveniently. This has allowed brands and designers to go out of their way and design tablet instruments and cutting-edge headphones that speak to the evolution of technology. With digital formats becoming dominant, more consumers will flock to the Interwebs for music whether it's to download albums, programs or production.