From Doing the Dew to Bikes and Heights

 - Aug 20, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
People climb mountains everyday either figuratively (work accomplishments, relationship troubles, etc.) or literally (K2, Everest, etc.).

These mountain innovations spread across the genres of sport, leisure and even branding. Mountain Dew is probably the most common mountain some of us city-folk get to experience on a regular basis.

Reach for the clouds with these mountain innovations, from cold-certified beers to building-side biking.

Implications - The depiction of mountains in commercials are often a metaphor for overcoming obstacles. Ads involving these giant landforms are the selling point of products that are suppose to help people deal with problems of everyday life if we buy it. In the hectic urban lifestyle, this is a clever marketing scheme that's empowering while subliminally telling consumers that the product is all you need to deal with your issues.