From Killer Camo Couture to Futuristic Army Apparel

 - Jan 30, 2012
Militaristic menswear is a style that's invented and reinvented every fashion season. The precise tailoring of traditional military uniforms has served as an example for a long time. The style has, of course, transfered to women's fashion, but the emphasis on tailoring in menswear is a direct influence of militaristic uniforms of decades past.

Especially when used to complement loose-fitting, modern clothing, the heavily tailored and double-breasted coat jackets in particular provide men with the option to play around with the look. Notoriously left out of the fashion world, menswear has a long way to go when compared to womenswear; there just isn't as much out there for men. While this progression continues, the variation on the theme of militaristic menswear is a classic standard tribute to the past that highlights the future.