- Dec 14, 2014
These Miley Cyrus gifts range from wild fashions and accessories to bizarre home decor items that are inspired by the infamous pop star. These gift ideas are sure to impress Miley Cyrus fans this holiday season and pay tribute to the singer's wild and carefree persona.

Standouts from this list include Miley-themed tech accessories and photo-printed earrings that are adorned with the star's face. Other favorites include home decor items like a sculpture that is crafted by the singer herself along with a Miley clock that is also shaped to resemble her famous face.

These Miley Cyrus gift ideas range from stylish fashions and decor items to custom art pieces that recreate the star's look. Their design is sure to impress the star's die-hard fans and will also appeal to pop culture fans with a sense of humor.

These Miley Cyrus Gifts Include Fashions and Bizarre Decor Items: