This Freaky Miley Cyrus Cartoon Will Haunt Your Dreams

 - Nov 25, 2013
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Designed by creative Behance user Cuco Lopez, this freaky Miley Cyrus illustration depicts the star in a twisted and distorted way. The bottom of her face shrivels up into a sideways pouty face, exaggerating one of the iconic faces Cyrus makes in pictures and music videos.

The illustration shows her unique hair cut but accentuates its height and volume. One of the most dramatic features of this depiction is Miley's eyes. Her bright blue eyes look like marbles inside a crown of fake eyelashes and lined brows. Her forehead bucks like creases in a folded piece of paper. Her head is extremely large compared to her neck and body and the colors Lopez used add extra power to the intensity of the image.

Whether the image was meant to be silly like any caricature or to poke fun at the celebrity's unusual facial expressions, this freaky Miley Cyrus depiction will definitely get your attention.