From Grumpy Cat Intruding on Disney to Condescending Films Wonka

 - Nov 29, 2013
Usually memes are pretty funny on their own, but when you take one and lure in another for a hilarious meme mash-up, you better hold tight to your sides because they're bound to split from laughter.

No one knows the history of the meme, it's just one of those things that came up out of nowhere and wasn't questioned because they're just so darn funny. The same thing seems to be occurring with the newly famous meme mash-ups. Taking a single meme, like the notorious Grumpy Cat, and tying her in with world-famous paintings or a romantic Disney film scene makes for a type of comedy way funnier than the original meme itself.

Hilarious without a single objection, this new breed of hybrid memes are quite the knee-slapping gut busters.