Eric Proctor's Grumpy Cat Paintings Bring Hilarity to Disney

 - Oct 28, 2013
References: tsaoshin.deviantart
Eric Proctor has added to his phenomenal series of Grumpy Cat paintings with even more displeased Internet cats amidst cheery Disney scenes. New additions to the series of ‘Grumpy Cat Disney’ mashups show the sour-faced cat fist-bumping Stitch, shredding the enchanted rose in ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ looking like the world’s most unenthused fairy in a scene from ‘Pinocchio’ and cutting her long golden locks to prevent herself from being rescued as Rapunzel in 'Tangled.'

The series continues with even more hilarious titles like ‘Tale as Old as No,’ and 'When You Wish Upon a No,' showing Grumpy Cat’s distaste for nearly everything around her. The reactions of the other Disney characters are extremely comical in comparison to Grumpy Cat’s dour face and complete lack of interest.