The Slightly Skewed Movie Descriptions are Actually Quite Accurate

The Slightly Skewed Movie Descriptions get right to the point. The title is actually a little misleading because the movie descriptions are less skewed and more honest.

While Lord of the Rings is considered by many to be one the greatest pieces of cinema ever made, its meme in this collection refers to it as "A Bunch of Straight Men Fight Over Jewelry." Inception was one of the greatest mind-bending films ever made but when you really get down to it, the whole thing was just as simple as "Some People Fall Asleep in a Van." The Shining is one of the creepiest pieces of film and perhaps the best role of Jack Nicholson. However, when you tear that all away, it's nothing more than "A Man Goes to a Hotel and Writes the Worst Novel Ever."

If you haven't seen these iconic movies, don't worry because the Slightly Skewed Movie Descriptions sum them up quite well.