From Liquor-Filled Fruits to Watermelon Eyelashes

 - Aug 10, 2012
The heatwave that comes with summer calls for creative ways to keep cool -- exactly what this collection of mellow watermelon remixes is prime for.

The watermelon is arguably the fruit of summer -- its bright color palette embodies the spirit of having fun while quenching one's thirst. Since it meets both these criteria, it comes as no surprise that the fancy fruit is repurposed for other uses. Creative minds have brought to life the Vodka melon, deep fried variants, fruit-looking cake pops to please the palate. The food has even slipped into style, inspiring fruit-formed skirts, coin purses, helmets and even eyelashes to boot.

I don't know what's written in the latest issue of 17 Magazine, but the watermelon is definitely the must-have piece of the summer.