From Scent-Driven Mall Activations to Greek Yogurt Taste-Offs

 - Jul 9, 2015
Experiential pop-up shops can range from creative mall activations to live product demonstrations and branded beauty bars.

Perhaps the most visible and nostalgic example of an immersive, brand-driven pop-up would be the Pepsi Taste Challenge. A one-of-kind and highly shareable experience, such marketing techniques take the face-to-face value of a regular pop-up and elevate it to that of a memorable, sensorial event. Given that individuals are likely to remember such interactions positively and can often serve as crucial introductions to seemingly inaccessible product ranges, immersive pop-ups and creative mall activations are highl lucrative investments for any company.

Above all else, experiential pop-up shops serve as relationship-building interacting with individual consumers, which is particularly important when attempting to woo the discerning millennial consumer demographic, who are more likely to be drawn to brands with which they share values.