From Gaming Gloves to Magnetized Seating

 - Oct 19, 2012
These magnetic creations show that magnets are more than just thumbtacks for your fridge.

Sure, magnets are used day-to-day for tacking take-out menus and grocery list,s but has anyone considered the idea of a levitating mattress or manipulable furniture? Similar to how the bullet trains in Japan run, the floating beds gravitate using electromagnetic fields to give the user a weightless relaxing experience.

Dishes can also be invisibly secured to trays to eliminate spillage for the waiters and waitresses in training. While some are more talented in the chopsticks area, the magnetized cutlery makes it easier for those who want to eat seamlessly using Asian utensils. From nerdy gamer magnets to earphone cable wrappers and booze fasteners to even magnetized lingerie, these magnetic items create convenient, as well as futuristic contraptions for users every day.