- Oct 9, 2014
These examples of luxe fall fashion range from Parisian luxury campaigns to glamorous editorials that embrace over-the-top and extravagant styling.

While most people are likely to sport effortless looks throughout the week, a weekend calls for ensembles that are a bit more vibrant and daring.

Though designer-enriched, these luxe fall fashions don't necessarily have to be expensive. Their aesthetic relies on the perfect blend of opulence and sophistication that most can recreate with a mix of affordable and investment pieces.

These luxe ensembles often feature a focal point like a structured or military inspired jacket or a voluminous fur coat that is displayed in a bright color. In addition to a good coat, one can achieve a luxe fall fashion look by mixing wool and leather textures and by playing with bold accessories.

From Glam Western Cover Shoots to Opulent Parisian Campaigns: