From Frothy Beer Cocktails to Zesty Citrus Drinks

 - May 17, 2015
Add an alcoholic kick to summer's favorite drink with these boozy lemonade beverages. Lemonade is perfect for any day spent relaxing in the sun, but adding a little alcohol to your favorite cocktail is sure to kick it up another notch.

The zesty taste of lemon has always made an excellent pairing with beer, but drink companies have recently sough to combine lemon with other popular spirits as well. For those looking for a bit more bite, Jack Daniels offers a pre-mixed ginger and lemonade whiskey drink in a convenient four-pack. For something better suited to a relaxing day at the beach, UV Vodka has developed a delicious line of bottled vodka lemonades. There are even frozen lemonade cocktails that allow you to enjoy your boozy beverage as a freezie.

With the perfect combination of tart and sweet, these alcohol-infused lemonade beverages are a refreshing option with an adult twist.