- May 18, 2011
No matter what time of day, these kooky clocks will tell you the hour in a way that no other minute-maker can. Whether you're feeling hungry and need bacon with your time or require an explosive way to wake up in the morning, this list has it all.

In the Western world, telling the time is as important as remembering to put your clothes on in the morning. If you do not do either of these things, you risk some serious consequences. Work can suffer, and people may give you the odd stare in the street. With these kooky clocks you can escape from any form of monotony you begin to experience throughout the day and either have a laugh or learn something new each time you check the hour. Just make sure to double check that your pants are still on when you walk out the door.

From Bacon Breakfast Clocks to Wooden Animal Time-Tellers: