Bulletproof Fowl Houses and Hanging Avian Dishes

 - Apr 21, 2012
Hummingbirds, owls and the iconic falcon have been at the heart of childhood tales and cartoon imagery. This childhood obsession with the avian breed has spread into all areas of contemporary architecture, cosmetics and branding. The feathered designs are welcoming, and have moreover been well-received for their mixture of bright colors with jagged patterns. These kooky bird concepts have taken the scheme a few steps further, representing some of the most original airborne undertakings.

Bulletproof fowl houses and hanging avian dishes have attracted the likes of dedicated pet owners. Game enthusiasts are always looking for new ways to accommodate the breed, ushering in a new era of upscale feeders and detailed duck art. These kooky concepts capture some of the pieces lying at the heart of this funky-winged era, unabashedly enthusiastic about the bird species.