Moon Raven Designs are Inspired by Nature

 - Nov 11, 2011
References: etsy & etsy
Moon Raven Designs is jewelry label on Etsy that uses nature as a muse for its creations. Perhaps this is because the company is located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, a destination known for its wildlife and natural beauty. Whatever the reason, Moon Raven captures the essence of life and death perfectly and molds it into elegantly edgy pieces that not only complement your style, but that also reflect the world around you.

From stag heads and bird skulls to bobcat claws and insects, these are just a few of the recurring ornamentations one can find in this exciting line. When browsing this collection, you may be reminded of the vintage animal science or Audubon prints that are commonly used in interior design to add a warm, softer style to a modern look. Now, with Moon Raven Designs, you can apply that same aesthetic to your wardrobe with these ultra-rad accessories.