Reinhard Hunger Creates Truly Chic Bird Homes

Reinhard Hunger must surely be a welcomed guest among the avian community thanks to his architectural contributions towards his fine, feathered friends. Made out of recycled material found around the house, such as cassette tapes, a boombox or a discarded chandelier, these chic birdhouses are not only functional feeders but stylish contributions to backyard decor.

The inspiration for these crafty creations comes from Reinhard Hunger’s concern and adoration for the bullfinch, a local bird common in Northern Europe. Due to the bird being a non-migratory species, in winter they need to constantly scavenge for food and avoid mini avalanches from roof tops.

A great accessory to any outdoor stationary—tree branch, lamp post, stump—these recycled birdhouses by Richard Hunger are a great way to liven up your backyard.