The Sato 'Torigun' bird drawings are impressively dressed

 - Oct 29, 2011
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The Sato 'Torigun' avian illustrations are arresting and mesmerizing because of the artist's attention to detail and use of gorgeous color. The word Torigun makes reference to "Japanese songbirds wearing military uniforms," and these feathery images are natural masterpieces of the combative fashion.

Created by Japanese artist Sato, these winged figures were dressed up in some of the most fanciful uniforms of the military. As they show, every aspect of the attire was carefully taken into consideration: the vest, the shoes, the hats, the badges were all included to create identical replicas of the fighters ensembles. Moreover, each bird is magnificently done, displaying the animal's natural, bold colors.

The Sato 'Torigun' avian illustrations are a beautiful representation of Japanese art and history -- the adorable artistic paintings for bird and military fanatics.