Manuela Rammelmeier Designs a Home for Birds to Help Improve City Noise

Manuela Rammelmeier is a German design student in fourth year who has created this beautiful, postmodern little home for small songbirds. The mint-green box comes with a leather strap to fasten it to a tree or post, but its unique feature is its cone attachment at the front of the birdhouse.

Contained within the cone is a wooden perch, and when a bird rests on it and begins to sing, the cone amplifies the bird's chirps so that they can be heard more clearly, whether up close or further away. If you're an avid birdwatcher, you probably also enjoy the beautiful music they make. It's definitely a lot better than all that street noise. Let's hope this inventive, new product by Manuela Rammelmeier goes into production so we can all enjoy some tweets from our feathered friends.