- Aug 8, 2013
When it comes to arts and crafts activities, knitting is a great way to creatively customize an item from scratch, and these uniquely knitted furniture pieces are showcasing that personalized touches can make a item look much more homey and original.

While the technique of knitting or crocheting is often associated with methods used to make pieces of clothing or home decor, these creatively designed furniture pieces are offering an alternative way for individuals to enjoy their hand-made knitted items. Featuring such designs as cozy knitted handbags, comfy patchwork seating and yarn ball-inspired lighting fixtures and seats, these wonderfully knitted furniture pieces will definitely bring a crafty and old school feel to your interior decor.

Perfect for any homeowner looking to infuse some artistic elements into their home, these knitted furniture pieces will definitely provide a creative touch to any room.

From Cozy Knitted Beanbags to Knitted Neon Furniture: